Saturday, May 21, 2011

Huxley Series 1


"Neither agreeable nor just is."

it's the pain wakes
and the hack through next rooms

scrotum and soap
picked up, pick of dextral cover edge
down on or along the thigh with, along
or down on with both hands

don't triangulate the image
with sun yet


"The great change was in the realm of objecvtive fact. What had happened to my subjective universe was relatively unimportant."

an ergot
or to be extracted so

does it ask, where,
of me that it be near
the mind not the spread of itself
but what spread is out

to match pitch
sick, or in dream, matching
sums pocketed or sound
of clean urine, grass handled, the
feed of handled grasses
quivering under the charge
of their meaning in hand
a campus fixed, everyone a guide
to the very same, to
the campus of grass


"...a breathing without returns to a starting-point, with no recurrent ebbs but only a repeated flow from beauty to heightened beauty..."

there, the floor to tread
as evident

a patch
for the arm to tread, swinging,

elbow and branch common joints
for rustlings against, the later thrill
of rustling

it is cold
enough for a coat, it is
worth walking, patched up

to see


" was anything that I -- or rather the blessed Not-I released for a moment from my throttling embrace -- cared to look at. The books, for example..."

the tubular, rollicking, heel to shoulder callous
of form; bent, so
bend, bent gotten over on, rolling, shoulders
let the bulbage rear
two soaped haunches screening oil, spread
quickening project leakage
into spurts, that
let own rhythmic leave

if eliminative, the product
of shear rashed but shorn still reprieve, ecstatic
largely useless

it's neither to be let or left form
to've taken, full, still only in so much
rumpled antirrhinum as mashed-shut nostrils,
be a depiction entered, awaiting leave
and fold, fold a crude depiction itself
of waiting compartment.
to hear sneezes from.

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