Monday, April 25, 2011

Old Word

"I'm not angry because I'm young
I'm angry because I'm right"

what rain will do to you
a child realizing

four deer eating grass
a child realizing.
the church or the club

I wonder who would do such a thing
I wonder if it is for the same reason we wait to shit

"We are looking for a music museum"
past the deer

Sunday, April 24, 2011


it's like the truth's there, mineral
the day is ratty
a yogurt special strains the woman
big arms craddling eight, nine, with a cart

and I think she can overhear, 7-
4- (no, she can't), my sister's discount ID I put in

I am at a pink gate that is very loud without a language
the escape of the medium that's, famously, Chopin's piano, Shostakovich's string quartet,
only the only apolitical space, which means only you can see there
the politic move, that it has not engulfed the [read me] field

this is music
this is Faustus

there is a guy who steps into the garden for salvation
but I step in to present such conditions as I may fail a crop

swallowing chalk to feel my gut settle
is deliberating, a squashling conscription
in the firm sun that while I think you are awful
is through skylights in contempt of rest: how
are you tired how are you not in a bed

you are pretty and, like music, not here
I think when you lie on the couch with your head off
like a cat with spread legs but not that position
you are an angelic and (you are not asleep!) energetic lamb
that has made up hate to call out and to so lose

you get more assumed of the map without growing
you remind that "my how she's grown" is deference
to there being nothing of your haunt of form, of the hung kill
in their like your face

you are assigned an early grave
and you can't eat there
the earth eats you in a bowl

I wish you knew more about forfeiture legality
I pick you up
it's then I wish the sun weren't in the skylights
prompting you lay on your gut which means I had to flip you
and you woke up and didn't grace me immediately

was it ok that Thoreau could see his mom from his spot?
that Percival Lowell had eyes a little fucked
but with his telescope was convinced of Martian agriculture?

Lowell's was a romance, ex:
I see canali.
Because I left them.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


hell is some riddled material
you have to set against

to make for had bellwether three pieces that
will need it back to make better

pee, having to having sex
someone had who does (but not both), their
thrill of setting up each other's (your) acquitals
or, hell, both, the sub-dom benign
seat the sink

lean-to leant against as wall
taken up the space
angles again softly gone or the surface held up by 

relating or not, to admit, allow calm
a killing whose diseased fear's skipping
and so becomes it, to worry space

hell could be gone or gone 
if gone not gone to
but out of body
hell of my gesture past
my given some dress in body length zippers
to undo the sheath and regain it
knowing how delicate you want it to've ended up being

three deer eating grass

Sunday, April 17, 2011


is a human rest
what's the shape
how will the shape maintain

the order is collapsible
the flex of order's timewise
agreed with more at those meetings

Friday, April 15, 2011


the guilty ill
stole her soc [sosh]
half-mast posts post (their) reasoning

I will starve a monarch
its violence goes into hollows
or in, fills out

inter-penetrational diseased group segment
bitty by shallow contrast commutes your ease
kept up and shortening

what is wrong with your head
that you wear yourself out
before all that need you'd anticipated

but honestly why is the flag at half
without knowing it's mysterious even aggravating religion empty or in clear need of revision
like were it greased less than evenly

Thursday, April 14, 2011


for my mother

some recipe for a run-down
to heal, cooled twigs down the back flexed
once to pick them and again opposite to receive

with my thumbnail press the fruit's bottom nubs
going largest down, like light in a very good diamond
the bus sun made for such fracture, stops, the peel
bursting stuff were we west and shadowy
you wouldn't see it 

and in fact we turn right, and the same pressure
sees out nothing, like painless neck movement
later stiff 

when I move against my clothes anywhere
I'm calmed, because of the coincidence of pressure 

Monday, April 11, 2011


feces eager, polyethylene sharp tugged by canned
beans, not less expensively a bag (as a body in a body) in a bag

I do not mean body bags but the comparative inexpensiveness of, at least,
the uniformity of both bodies copulating to reproduce 
as compared to what else might be introduced to the body (at what cost)
and a (not a can but) bag of beans here meaning dried
as carried possibly in further polyethylene bag(s), envelope, home.

what does not necessarily cost
some stressed goody brush, the profanity (of) our subsisting makes for
a fruit that's gotta be palmed
to be carried with the arm at side

violation two shapes 
the feeling for barrier no object
or objects. 

separate to be elastic than how they pertain. 
without feeling for. 
as an elasticity will have of (its) cover.
and of, as parenthetically, the possession.  
one off, as of term and hedge,
board and border in truing woods.
the local water fit in trees. 

Friday, April 8, 2011


what an exciting formative experience it was
to bend like for dryer socks over for the wallet faux leather
and with nothing of value thrown in a bush, kids.

I don't dislike skunks
the eye and nose filled that way and sudden
it's to learn you form and what's to last
lift like you do needlessly a button just to tug it left

Thursday, April 7, 2011


publique, to say clean masturbatory living
the suit and sensitivity to figures 
of oppression

there's a large jawing space
a yonic frame such's the elbows
in masturbation, an act of both (and 
however many more are available) hands

the cynic's dogged for being with
the dogs and dog-like, and is dog-like followed
cynically by the hound
who is a cynical man
among dogs that form a circle
of I guess not cynicism but of dogs of cynic's dogs' cynicism

the erotic breathing (strained, fast) 
not evidence of the rear seat man's masturbation
but the resonance as private 

this is a bus
there is seventy five cents taped (and
you can see it tug at hairs) to his leg
beneath a rolled up leg

which is how I reuse words
currency realize is the anti-media
that it cannot be reconciled with the body
and other reasons like opacity

I wish that hadn't happened 
or to the professor "Professor
hear me out" heard out

it was something about masturbation to a class of seventy

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Allegory of the Lion

Part 1

he's god
booning commander
and earth is open

Part 2 and 3

he was dead
motionless in a vault
like a shepherd

The Whale's Nature

no fish is so firm
as its image
tilling the sea upsets nothing
there are no cuts

when a lawn becomes
not a location
but a direction
this is like a whale

dilluting the small task
of its capture

Allegory of the Whale

they kindle a fire on the marvel of tinder it rests
precipitately loathe the disembarkation that's rest
and so

straightway rejoice, eat and drink and sink
into whatever hold or cushion
without wound until what season
when summer and winter contend
sucks in all those beguiled fish
while the weather can't stay as bad
as that

the floor of the sea
is the greatest tarrying mouth
that could swallow us
but instead has swallowed unbelievably, sweetly
the whale

The Mermaid's Nature

bunches of em, wholly a fish even though
you know

like a shipwreck of the body, why
any ruined sailor
would accept this fate is baffling

talk about mal de debarquement
it's like Guest, “into whose confidence
I have wandered”

don't stand for it, guy!

gurgling, varied water
know to avoid, wonder
is this really someone you want
to be talked piously to, as example
whose navel is already site
to such discursive quiet
it confuses you

or like Bernstein, “values like the butter”
and you like the idea of her?

Allegory of the Mermaid

the outside can serve
without service

what is betokened
in sturdy memory
by what's before you

tone they deceive
quiet they deceive
all of sacrament

The Elephant's Nature

Indian, big, burly, mountainous
they are like sheep

to see one topple
is to witness a nightmare
and relive it not just in but in the act
of sleep
in mud unable to move

broad lengths of chastity
chastity is an elephant

Allegory of the Elephant

suffering wants to raise up power
to get off itself

suffering is the scab
growing to discontinuity
with the skin

so is the elephant on earth
and we on an elephant
an estuary elevated
its peace lumbering on if toward quick
ening we
cannot see the mouth

The Dove's Nature and Allegory

inverted precept
perception of worms, seed, bile

she is landed on America
as excellent

easily stirred


The Ant's Nature

nickels mount, acquire, spill over
there are nickels where ground oughta be
full paid in nickels, pennies involved
as begrudging subs in change back
imagine it, running about, seldom resting
just nickels

of wood and of weed there is nothing

when it becomes winter again
and it will
food in shelter, good
to fetch food beforehand
before it can be eaten
hastening away as if it were shameful
the corn to the cave bit all in two
so that it will not become useless, ripening
into timely maturity the book of Physiologus
words scurried over with ruinous focus
burning, as if in payment, ants

Allegory of the Ant

antagonize the work at hand
keep if only partially earning
to behave as winter would have
lack all sustenance, be tired, imprudent
ly food is our security and our ticket to winter
shucking off the tried hides of repercussed body
in the cave biting whenever and whatever
the ticket is, degrees of wheat, shunned barley
fed on the law
its very seed cast off
which is just ground yet upset
a foot planted, set down

The Hart's Nature

two customs:
draws the snake
peoples the Physiologus

a third:
swallows the creature

Allegory of the Hart

as if we were mad
as if when
we seethe
thereby does mankind have ingrained
the lord's law

The Hart's Nature

Part 2

consider the cello
even if there were a hundred together
up on land while all hale and sound
slows of tiredness and others come together
to help get control of the line
we still aid in the need of arrival
we are steadfast in heaven in this
pointed, we'll get on okay
drinks have to be let melt
brothers tire, helms open
hart's sound

laws fed with to boot

Allegory of the Hart

Part 2

there is no transformative hart
no singular, complete hart in plain
every ten miles
a hart

up popped to
be let as broadleaf trunks
look for now as good
as the other

The Fox's Nature

so you wanna bitch, red and ready
leave off all deliverance the mist
will anyway wear off

you pray constantly to sojourn naked
into a fount
and make it in

food, Pater Noster
drink and drenching
covenant of made, rotted way
out alight nearby the barnyard
so lit, manageable

get to it
cock, capon, goose, gander,
neck, beak, she'll haul off

that's why men hate her

Allegory of the Fox

Part 1

pecks repayed, imagine
that she go her way
a fur ride
for cleft-snared birds
quick to take off and be taken

a dull physical party
her teeth are like rain
as admirable, avoided,

Part 2

like a film
for which there are more night showings
and dates are irrelevance
but put out for after

bids nipping to the belly's will
done wrong, the canniness
of placement of wounds
Judas was a reveler
a nipper, sayer
of virtuous shit dully

Herod was a fox
the book is right

foxes are always tortured
they are never punished
but just end suddenly, lived out

The Spider's Nature

some plans take shape on the tops
of houses

fields thus fashioned
swiftly and left

blood of no other favor
but that seizing network

and neighbor holes

Allegory of the Spider

an injured market assemblage, legs
plenty knotted, whatsoever public

look out for emblems you devour
this kind into someone, on them shouting


there is no room in my mechanism of sympathy
for their use

the docility and not the sharpness
of an edge

Friday, April 1, 2011


was written ten feet on the wall, Michigan,
of the Persian-owned discount mart

a delicate issue

they haven't chilled yet so
it's where I eat

seeds of unpacked garland figs
sucked out between primaries that
have some flavor yet, as the civic image
any, gets lost, of an attending stoves or
filling up as what's a developmental groove,
a pot or yonic (and this is not redundant) recession

a friend calls it a "trudge", the complex
to better note runners, their meanness
I said "they are a mean", is where I draw the word
but they're mean also, I guess

mean to be right, quiet, difficult (too fast) to contact
something of a lifestyles empty beside resting contacts, protected
in the bathroom of who thawed you out but's
you know, who has a lifestyle (puns

are contrapuntal, unite meaning,
are as much fugal model as...)

it's a complaint with the militaristic, that concern
be so forced away, shaped in tense packeting, folded in
not the strategies or guided meanings I use
because they don't trip at all, let alone often enough
but my strategies are as visible and left around

which is the word. state of
being left, or having been (sartre's on their dresser), or
what intelligence's left...
I am a jealous man.

struggle, as a narrative device, is something like
concealment of deliverance, mere antipathy

"this is beautiful"
he has to be told what's beautiful

let, also, a versus left
who's let, or let out to
to be left is if you like to let leave