Saturday, April 2, 2011


The Ant's Nature

nickels mount, acquire, spill over
there are nickels where ground oughta be
full paid in nickels, pennies involved
as begrudging subs in change back
imagine it, running about, seldom resting
just nickels

of wood and of weed there is nothing

when it becomes winter again
and it will
food in shelter, good
to fetch food beforehand
before it can be eaten
hastening away as if it were shameful
the corn to the cave bit all in two
so that it will not become useless, ripening
into timely maturity the book of Physiologus
words scurried over with ruinous focus
burning, as if in payment, ants

Allegory of the Ant

antagonize the work at hand
keep if only partially earning
to behave as winter would have
lack all sustenance, be tired, imprudent
ly food is our security and our ticket to winter
shucking off the tried hides of repercussed body
in the cave biting whenever and whatever
the ticket is, degrees of wheat, shunned barley
fed on the law
its very seed cast off
which is just ground yet upset
a foot planted, set down

The Hart's Nature

two customs:
draws the snake
peoples the Physiologus

a third:
swallows the creature

Allegory of the Hart

as if we were mad
as if when
we seethe
thereby does mankind have ingrained
the lord's law

The Hart's Nature

Part 2

consider the cello
even if there were a hundred together
up on land while all hale and sound
slows of tiredness and others come together
to help get control of the line
we still aid in the need of arrival
we are steadfast in heaven in this
pointed, we'll get on okay
drinks have to be let melt
brothers tire, helms open
hart's sound

laws fed with to boot

Allegory of the Hart

Part 2

there is no transformative hart
no singular, complete hart in plain
every ten miles
a hart

up popped to
be let as broadleaf trunks
look for now as good
as the other

The Fox's Nature

so you wanna bitch, red and ready
leave off all deliverance the mist
will anyway wear off

you pray constantly to sojourn naked
into a fount
and make it in

food, Pater Noster
drink and drenching
covenant of made, rotted way
out alight nearby the barnyard
so lit, manageable

get to it
cock, capon, goose, gander,
neck, beak, she'll haul off

that's why men hate her

Allegory of the Fox

Part 1

pecks repayed, imagine
that she go her way
a fur ride
for cleft-snared birds
quick to take off and be taken

a dull physical party
her teeth are like rain
as admirable, avoided,

Part 2

like a film
for which there are more night showings
and dates are irrelevance
but put out for after

bids nipping to the belly's will
done wrong, the canniness
of placement of wounds
Judas was a reveler
a nipper, sayer
of virtuous shit dully

Herod was a fox
the book is right

foxes are always tortured
they are never punished
but just end suddenly, lived out

The Spider's Nature

some plans take shape on the tops
of houses

fields thus fashioned
swiftly and left

blood of no other favor
but that seizing network

and neighbor holes

Allegory of the Spider

an injured market assemblage, legs
plenty knotted, whatsoever public

look out for emblems you devour
this kind into someone, on them shouting

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