Thursday, April 21, 2011


hell is some riddled material
you have to set against

to make for had bellwether three pieces that
will need it back to make better

pee, having to having sex
someone had who does (but not both), their
thrill of setting up each other's (your) acquitals
or, hell, both, the sub-dom benign
seat the sink

lean-to leant against as wall
taken up the space
angles again softly gone or the surface held up by 

relating or not, to admit, allow calm
a killing whose diseased fear's skipping
and so becomes it, to worry space

hell could be gone or gone 
if gone not gone to
but out of body
hell of my gesture past
my given some dress in body length zippers
to undo the sheath and regain it
knowing how delicate you want it to've ended up being

three deer eating grass

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