Monday, April 11, 2011


feces eager, polyethylene sharp tugged by canned
beans, not less expensively a bag (as a body in a body) in a bag

I do not mean body bags but the comparative inexpensiveness of, at least,
the uniformity of both bodies copulating to reproduce 
as compared to what else might be introduced to the body (at what cost)
and a (not a can but) bag of beans here meaning dried
as carried possibly in further polyethylene bag(s), envelope, home.

what does not necessarily cost
some stressed goody brush, the profanity (of) our subsisting makes for
a fruit that's gotta be palmed
to be carried with the arm at side

violation two shapes 
the feeling for barrier no object
or objects. 

separate to be elastic than how they pertain. 
without feeling for. 
as an elasticity will have of (its) cover.
and of, as parenthetically, the possession.  
one off, as of term and hedge,
board and border in truing woods.
the local water fit in trees. 

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