Saturday, April 2, 2011


Allegory of the Lion

Part 1

he's god
booning commander
and earth is open

Part 2 and 3

he was dead
motionless in a vault
like a shepherd

The Whale's Nature

no fish is so firm
as its image
tilling the sea upsets nothing
there are no cuts

when a lawn becomes
not a location
but a direction
this is like a whale

dilluting the small task
of its capture

Allegory of the Whale

they kindle a fire on the marvel of tinder it rests
precipitately loathe the disembarkation that's rest
and so

straightway rejoice, eat and drink and sink
into whatever hold or cushion
without wound until what season
when summer and winter contend
sucks in all those beguiled fish
while the weather can't stay as bad
as that

the floor of the sea
is the greatest tarrying mouth
that could swallow us
but instead has swallowed unbelievably, sweetly
the whale

The Mermaid's Nature

bunches of em, wholly a fish even though
you know

like a shipwreck of the body, why
any ruined sailor
would accept this fate is baffling

talk about mal de debarquement
it's like Guest, “into whose confidence
I have wandered”

don't stand for it, guy!

gurgling, varied water
know to avoid, wonder
is this really someone you want
to be talked piously to, as example
whose navel is already site
to such discursive quiet
it confuses you

or like Bernstein, “values like the butter”
and you like the idea of her?

Allegory of the Mermaid

the outside can serve
without service

what is betokened
in sturdy memory
by what's before you

tone they deceive
quiet they deceive
all of sacrament

The Elephant's Nature

Indian, big, burly, mountainous
they are like sheep

to see one topple
is to witness a nightmare
and relive it not just in but in the act
of sleep
in mud unable to move

broad lengths of chastity
chastity is an elephant

Allegory of the Elephant

suffering wants to raise up power
to get off itself

suffering is the scab
growing to discontinuity
with the skin

so is the elephant on earth
and we on an elephant
an estuary elevated
its peace lumbering on if toward quick
ening we
cannot see the mouth

The Dove's Nature and Allegory

inverted precept
perception of worms, seed, bile

she is landed on America
as excellent

easily stirred

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