Wednesday, May 4, 2011


for Lee and Maurice

in ignorance of process about me
bark in the sit

situate what can be grown of me
take corners to properties
the sense to the property of body

grieve yards their limit
my suddenness jive within them
mid-century as through props, townhouse,
egg-colored, within mentioning

held, for more cupboard mugs, to make up coffee,
smell such as lawn growth tilts a birdhouse
sat in it worn waiting for feed

were it a cupboard


having precisely enough materials
you want to eat the thing
to've made it again
tomorrow after

coupon, stacked pocketed change,
the swelling pantry

masturbate the erect effigy of an enemy idol
and get on


an apple core some literally per
verted grin, I
resent because better air exhalation,
in its duration, its pause of scent