Monday, March 21, 2011


flowing in thaw's now a scoot, rickety, or
dry enough it sounds, so
not just doesn't flow, but responsively
it is very dry sounding and warmer still

it sounds dry, letch fed too quietly
non resonant and hit jogging
one a boy who was done talking
his ass mudless, low twigs eyed darted
round, no phone, body hair matted down
his eyes were not the point, bringing innumerable
points, objects leanly back, to run better

everything you see here
has been in my mouth
things you would've touched
so no longer wet the ground feels left
the ground here is no longer wet, the thaw's done
observing it coming out as I came out of the house mornings

today the ground is no longer wet
it feels left, what was
red shorts some
inversion of mast and sail (not "some"), how
to describe someone bodily you
cannot, possibly, be near as he's fast, bodily

was rather wet, drying quickly
is the point and that then
it rained for several hours
which you can't discount
some kind of slow rise up
this is a hilly town and
season, is also important
forty at nine, now closer fifty

it's pretty wet, someone leaves off a word, "season",
say within a country club announcement
there's a space and their arm gestures mean
to dismiss that interim, saying "is also important"
we get what's meant

that person, likely a man,
introduces his son proudly
and we bottom the son is what I meant

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