Saturday, March 19, 2011


the line brings objects
all of them, black bird strobes lo through
hi res crab grass
clearly daily

not something that, through
ritual I can accept

needs a sense of humor is something like needs to stop
sort of an estate sale, binding arbitration of
the agreement that's the ave maria there

flossing, the mirror bulb burnt a little pink as gums
that get turned on, that corner in common

thrumming nuisance, where you're about to hit
but everyone's quivering not as at a cold
breeze when you've stopped

today it's sixty
the mean temp in a month's time
's thirty

two subsequent manholes open, two
broke ankles and the one worse so for having
been the support during the other stress
that violin, I'm saying, that descant

* no ' as in fissure of possession, fissure as what it is.

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