Friday, March 4, 2011

The Community

Is clear-headed and believes in numerology.
It is partial
To clarity like clarity.

The community enacts false zeros.
It is determined
But not determinate like a
Communicable disease.

The community is always detrimental
Like addition or bomb power
Spreading damaging mushrooms.

Perhaps it has been juiced
Like tropical fruit?

The community makes decisions
About the community
Because the community
Can only act
As numerology. This is what
Is referred to as: a parallel universe.

The community is the opposite of a city.
To the community, all cities
Falsify clarity.

The city is crooked.
The city takes moribund drugs
And contains moribund trees. Trees grow through

Members and this makes a small man want to throw

A Medium-sized stone
At the whorehouse door
And then throw the whorehouse door

Over his shoulder
And drag it through
The paved trails into the woods
And out of sight.

The message of this poem is:
I do not believe in community.

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