Saturday, March 5, 2011


It was time to stop being funny.
To be honest, I was never that funny anyway.

Funny is the antechamber
Of the body when you remove the liver and kidneys.

I made you a very tasty snack:


You can’t torture a skeleton
Because the skeleton is like a chandelier.

It shimmers.


There’s a black stone

In the middle of my gut. It is called “August”
And it’s sunny

When you put your hand around it.

Everyone at the beach
Looking out on infinity like it’s some ridiculous sailboat. And penny loafers. And Connecticut. And class struggle.

And vanity.

I think we should slam all the sailboats together
And call it

All the crates. I can create something for you
Right now.

The best would be to find a bombed out Best Buy
And put the ocean in it

And go swimming.

The best would be to use the melted digital gift cards
As surfboards.


Anonymous said...

Why go swimming in a Best Buy when you have the decorative, spiral peeled, skins of murdered citrus which aesthetically cut through any banal environment take one home today?

sandrasimonds said...

Excellent question!