Monday, March 14, 2011


The act's abject. Seduction is an associative art, where this is what's associated, seduced. Ever have a dream where you can look at any intensity light without pain? You are, in “seeing” without sight, listening. Blind persons can use a technique called “flash sonar” to interpret environment through sound reverberations. I had such a dream. I see light was also a voice, a woman's, which says,

wake in my ass
and sit

Unlike Webern on a walk, it is a cruelly impartial coincidence. My fingers, similarly, resemble whole infants – “whole”, that is, not just their fingers. A violinist in playing is convinced she is sawing off her arm, and so fails to by the end of the movement: she is playing the violin.

to roll further in
which I bend to do
not so very. blanket

oak series warming
joints. blanket a loose pant, some
Austrian twig

the light is very bright on the twig
and I can look at it and keep
looking without any pain

who you want to with
a very clean memory, “I want
to see him bare his teeth
like an animal I draw”

favor of itself, want
to not have the right
to be, there in order to
like a porch repair

work and obscurity
picking back up

I pity whatever stranger's ignorance of me. Painless light is sourceless, I learn. I can look, now, at dim light without a sense of it being relief. So that is new too. Aligned at the tooth, which is the key of a low e-flat at the piano, a long rifle shooting parallel the string like were the spine, laying, that. That happens a few times. “I don't want to have the right to be there” - Catherine Breillat.

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