Friday, March 18, 2011


the weather was something like she wants to fuck you
big boots retired for some seasons

very dear change
genius with nothing
against the young

an idiot in
toxicated on their own per

such dire obligations
to beat down this clerk

who has never worked
as hard as anyone
no matter how
if with interest

inhuman means to seems to mean
to often die a more violent protest
really like things, favoring as
bent to


when a woman says you call yourself a man
while, and this not being written out,
impressed with cv okay, the favor
and it says man nowhere on it it
says clerk

liking when an artist sacrifices and you did
then, the lumbar such favor or not
bend a favor, stick a keep, reaching for
puns that won't connect what's a total chore

listening, with the report
with clean hair
holding the shirt but ready
to return it, decent
by nature

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