Friday, March 4, 2011

The Community

is, in fact, so sick
That it cannot die. It cannot die
Because it’s half ghost, half commerce

And all it does all day long
Is inject its DNA sequence
Into your DNA sequence

Thereby allowing you to
Manifest all of the symptoms of syphilis
Without ever having
Been exposed to the bacteria

Because this isn’t the year 1765 and you
Are not an aristocrat living in some
Stone castle and I’m not

This sickly lady who’s going
To give you syphilis even though
You’re the one who’s supposed

to give it to me so when
you’re on your deathbed you are not

going to ask me not to haunt you
even though I can’t not haunt you because I’m
Just that obsessed with being

Mean to you because, deep down,
I hate people
and you represent people because you
Look like a dog

And there’s nothing worse
Than watching a lost dog
Trying to find the cemetery.

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