Friday, March 11, 2011


Is it to escape torture or to receive torture contrary to how it'd have you. You don't have to disclose much in imitation. Not much is disclosed to you. Try telling off a person, and, still persisting, now they're ignorant in defiance.

The use of torture. The submissive control. A woman comes without, necessarily, thought of conception. A man comes without hope of escape from it, the gesture of fertilization, the event of orgasm indistinguishable regardless of stimulus, possessed by procreative selflessness, the urge to involve others if only in fantasy, and/or to create others without, pregnant with sperm he never sees and wastes ludicrously anyway. A woman's orgasm is both private and explosive, of the self and selfless, inviolably independent of not only men but of generation itself – she's free of tradition, while/through/despite (?) bearing it. There's something to her pleasure beyond violation, and so that can't be located. A man's sanctuary has to be.

You have to know something thoroughly to destroy it. Which you do by destroying yourself. What is clitoral mutilation but emphasis, backward from spiritual discovery, of dutiful procreation? Like parboiling aminita muscaria – which is a decomposer.

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