Saturday, March 26, 2011


kid, whether you're rubbing in or wiping off
the lotion from the other when you're a kid
who cares

I was very young at a point
and even now my teacher says "I
have kids who are younger than you"
when I show him my work which by
the standard for submission has my birthyear
he adds, "I have kids that are younger than you

puberty is important
menopause is very important
I think they are not affecting
as they are not affecting me
his kids

he says I am "fully formed"
some kind of pregnant, left to
be left again but more thoroughly

I make and make
no longer with the kind of preparation of
the widest yawning sous chef
except money and I
feel very close to death and
as my CAD dad after 3/5 in a week whapping
2 inch diameter cardboard tubes with stapled plastic plugs
against his head for therapy
or torture the difference again between
being who cares, fit

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