Friday, March 4, 2011

The Compositional Model of Women

That they compose and corpse
That they corpse pose

That they come on strong or gently
In tropical climates
While modeling yoga

That they corporeal on sofas
And husband like recliners

That they sun
That they sun all day long

That they take the sunny
Into their bathing suits
And wave
To toddlers who make

That they waver
Or do not waver
In concave positions of the body

That they flesh you
That they flesh you all day long until
They’re old and they can no longer flesh you
And still they flesh

That they coordinate
That they secretarial skills and keep their limbs
Extra coordinated
Like the gymnastic children of God.

That they gymnasium onlookers
And pick fights
With their own skin
Like fucked up neurotic parrots

Who gossip in tropical trees
In tropical climates
In the most tropical parts of the earth

That they also Sweden
With tallness

That they also Chinese
With dexterity

That they also American
With SUVs

That they also Spanish
With Flamenco red lip gloss and nails

That they also French
With sexual situations

That they also Iceland
With Bjork-like weirdness

That they also max out
Like world travelers

That they third world
And first

That they come home
To the stiff

Black blood
That collects

At the core
Of the earth.

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