Friday, February 18, 2011


(from Donne's Woman's Constancy and Scalapino's It's go in quiet illumined grass land)

to me comparing one sky to what thou, say, leavest now
hast mind because one sees magnolias thou hast loved whole

the day or tomorrow when thou will say
to antedate sky wilt vow actions thou new made,
but comparing peoples, wilt thou then say

or that now to war outside that moon
is in, or to, space

we are not, then, just those persons
were that oaths or made fear
in which we, reverential, apprehend, or
love any evening ferocity, may forswear behavior
even of his wrath, and any true reason there was no
one as deaths, marriages, just from where as
lover's contracts seem so bewildering
or those images of them so huge
if it's in them unloose, till sleep
death's indentation to justify that end
but owns your image, so they're even

or to bind one having no multitude is 'bewildering'
for purposed behavior-evening, evening change             
you can have no space but to any random event               
's a falsehood way to true a falsehood and be
vain lunatic against these 'scapes I could
dispute and conquer if I would
which I abstain to do
for I think tomorrow may be so too

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