Thursday, February 24, 2011

Randomly Found These Three Poems

I found these poems on a poem a day blog I kept with some friends. They were all three written in 2007. Nervous about the line "an academic who owned a frog." Can poems tell the future?

We got to the Borgo Pass just] [after sunrise yesterday Morning

Now to the Historical
a zeal for Word Salad Oh
well, George Herbert wouldn't
care so neither do I
On a whim, whip, a widespread
flower greater or equal
to sexual activity.
Back up, Math.
This is the story: An academic who
owned a frog and lived in a
house across from
George Herbert's coin collection
starved herself and her puppy
for fear of Obesity. It was a gothic and whooooooo
went the wind
and whoooooo went the leaves
and who do you think this academic is?
It's me, Mina, she whispered
through the floorboards.

When I saw the Signs of Dawn][I got Ready for the Hypnotism

Mina, lying down & etc,
it is such a rustic cabin
such and such
was why the embassy was searched
and I was a Secret Agent!
"Formal Poetry leaves me every Day
The Witch held out her hand and asked
what herbs I would like to Purchance
there are beads
in that container."

Mina, giving birth and etc.
It was a mansion made of yellow stone.
and such that I was holding the secret
of "Formal Poetry: Which flower
do you eat for these cramps
there is blood
in that torso.

"take care you do not"] [disturb it"

last night I slept] [ but i did not dream
the baby woke]the dog[was "lying down dozing"

whereas a new fear comes] in corners[we were trying all sorts of new forms as

her daily tasks---at this point she read aloud..."certainly not a poem"

because he walked with god, he wanted to study zoophagy
which puzzled me a little. His moods change so] [rapidly that he wanted to study "The New Fear."


Benjamin Bourlier said...

whereas a new fear comes] in corners[we were trying all sorts of new forms

Beautiful! So you are a prophet also.

Maurice Burford said...

Love 'em.