Thursday, February 17, 2011



studio sitting after helping pack
is it boy-like to not want to pay men?

take off, the mind's a belt
is taken off, not cool to
deal: "ground, floor"

shinola was a shoe polish
and milton was (he?) an anglo-saxon writer-poet
and my mixed berry emergen-C riddled with saved Ike's

what if a horse carriage were
on this street as on a river
thinking drunk of crashing four horse carriage
into the plow every studio's becoming?

each horse a tier?
boy-like to shuffle grinless past the high woman?
how worse bodies'd be
come packed up because you moved
if they were of use

("I want to join you", to that woman
taking it some fifteen exclusive ways
not. cool. to.)

figures because my hands are
more the feet
my brain can reach
feet the feet
hands can, there's

a rat dead in my left sleeve
because we moved the couch

off wasn't "not working" until 1861
it was basically regarding distance
not that you weren't working but that
you were away from the work, were, here

a jerking boy circle is particapatory how?
it's the distance: getting off, to "this is home"

to two sided blonde wood in fences (boys)
la veloce dita = la dolce vita
moving a couch you move
when your friend moves
I'm a sad slouch rolling
how helping
you're held back, you're
on my way to work in boston
a sympatheticist approached me saying

he should, a shrill epiphany, stab all faggots
sure he just meant baristas
which I get

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sandrasimonds said...

you're held back, you're off---this is really good. I like.