Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Sleep So Well

I Sleep So Well

but it is totally ridic--
I mean ridiculous

that I should sleep so well. I should be
absolutely ashamed

of my beautiful sleeping habits.

There is no logical reason
that I should not be taking Ambien.

I think a Dr. should prescribe
some Ambien for me right now

even though I have absolutely
no problem sleeping.

I want someone to figure out
why I am so full of desire

and good sleep. Someone cut
me open. Someone give

me the best surgery
possible or prescribe me

a bottle of gemstone
Ambien because I am a red jewel.

I want you to give me
an antidepressant

right now even though
I have no depression

symptoms and on a scale
of one to ten my life

is raccoon.
Someone tell me how

you can dream your way
through the childhood

gates right into the sun.
If you don't tell me

what I want to hear
I'm going to forge

a prescription for Ambien
and try to get the

necessary sleep
I do not need.

Your dream of riding
on the back of a

fish is ridic.

Your dreams of
riding a tropical

fish through
a tropical snowstorm

are even more

You are a very

person with
shitty dreams.

Your dreams are

idiotic. I'm going
to prescribe you

I don't want you

to ever see
the moon.

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