Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sad Burrito Song Nº1

after the Flying Burrito Brothers

it is still 12:07 next to my empty plate
do you know what it's like to smile in 16-bit
at people with boats in their eyes
tangled webs of hip-hop ingested fruitfully
I hear trilling finger nail clipping
dance off in some nearby tributary
& so but detached from the bone the tigers sing
very quietly now b/c the sun is setting
on the loneliest tether-ball court in the U.S.
the image’s sharp edges masquerading deep
but only holes persist out and from
thus becoming a reoccurring image in sleep
panning out and away from the scene
now we are presented with an animal at rest
its work done it lays in a quiet way

1 comment:

Benjamin Bourlier said...

burrito poetics, yes! gettin my sad song on