Saturday, February 26, 2011


get outta there get outta there get outta there

north coast built up
beached open motor with a pool
in it at the edge, four feet, of
what sky
it's seen for months
children anticipate chucking
what rocks for this purpose into
scheduled to abandon, both

you're only in even sediment, leant what's
on loan to this particular echoic strand
in stuff people make these elaborate castles out of
and what an echo this obligation, this loan, is
and this pool
gull extras
not separating the sea because they're further up
than the boat, beached
also getting rocks
should I pass women up without words
because of

held hands with a boy with
a stern bucket in each

when Draco came up
with measures
to write about rape
like a swan a flying either ruined
transport or boundless ruin

right eye right bicep, left eye right forearm
left eye left bicep, right eye left forearm

know, in other words, your elbows
as places, having got
solace right as
surface not envelope

dark joints
you head to

I visualize this room
not that it's evoked
but that I want to be here
to hear this

mutual elements as of a store
and of labor

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