Wednesday, February 23, 2011


each worker and every early work a platter
on which the head of latter work is dwarfed
and secondarily carted and second, can
get you something

I am thinking of Lazarus
pears gone out to remember themselves
jeu on a board, home

each scene activation of its next
and century has and but one
eighties, know's
to be appealed enough to by it

to make a list resolutely of words
the muffin decent only, the cello
a horse

to be there to help with assumption, this,
of presence

surrounded, covered by the astonished
“Woah!” go kids, I mean. the rhythm
turns out that of passing cars
louder the bigger. their parents
out scold them, they cry louder
than before the very
definition I should think of being “rewarded
with your defects”

dark quickening (not “earlier”), reasonably
nuts or out, cam chat Cocteau erasure
of names in chalk but all lost
last which is as by tradition only nat
urally Cocteau's

hand gesture
definitely not music
but call it that and Cocteau's
either back, forth

as done right by anyone has no identity.
I remember her but I want to be on the floor.
skin like wheat durum.
field of deal of shining satin
wood. First,

rather than
who how and how simply
the body was losing heat standing
where “there” was

withstanding what's remembered as “amorous
nightmare of delay” a saltpetreman balls
dangling tub and an inch
up, scent being not yet lost in water
but forgotten like clothes

I don't know maybe you bathe
with clothes on
and so remember to
an ear melt crack
ling turn to, around
as profane perhaps exemp
-lar,-t however long

long spring
awaited and lasting
to, want, refer, form, of trees
roundly either each other or
dare the self distance
already and covered in
scents of co-, in-, ex-habita
tion do measure out, too plainly fetch

hey: fetch is not to have gotten back
but luxuriously watch the animal
so luxuriously watch the animal
throwing rope, the arm pulled
not thrown forward as pressure
against stationed reachably columned
triggers, set fetched in pressure

accept that: there
by no means simply one
animal itself thrown back

disorder, observation
's only that

its complexion its rushed no
stalgia (same)
activity of brushing
spent in or on eyes
a Benjamin scroll of ground's across

better come as you do
than as you are
about a plain regard

got in a night
with a big skull
bird in it

sublimity religion's
he of what's gathering
to this
to hate
smell of semen
busied with cornflowers

's gathered liability
dears tripped
form which's like circuitry
as a leaning system
or good poetry as great

why! any year
notched hunger to
last out our action

dung of yo-yo string
pulled from weak bites
unknotted taught
as past teeth

have kids
have they have

why won't ramona yell it is
because she's heard it

bonneted, meadowed inri's must
I say pastured
boon over

all of like it, whose
line's on first, do go
through structure its light
twigs eyed patterning
in abscission gaining what
scars peel as upset

on a room
like Gibarian's scrap
meal (only to) look and straight
's eaten, scene yes seen off

on the eye, but abide em
ulated body oak be
haved to not slop
this job
of the oak

the jug its nature
she hustle
look to inaccurate
activity's all
like it boon
she picky

pop(o) the rawer sex
Meximericana, each
other's where to die
dripping you go, the he
that's fit into
that's she's fit into best

squared off or taste pan
agrammatic salt to wretch
as does a film its piggy

the long way, skinned
off camera slit as anything long's
an inventory so an old man
kept good looking even
use now of Erbarme Dich toward
a minimalism (not of) spectacle
at once

you'd rather say “zillionth dream”
than admit immateriality
from a connective clog
that's our good long look
say down a pig
an a-causal fidget par
donably sick

hot if not, let's pithy, flat pan
cake strat
egic amountless memory
of carpet

bare cornered, the pep squish in
back seat to
get the weekend father's

material from connecting
material, leather, from plaisance
day form piss on park oaks
form life the mas musici
freud ezra marx capital
herm a stud an am oney
roa roasted peanuts boston publi
hunger hamsun oot powder klimt

don't give me place
I'll get the place carpet
laid out

see someone pouting waiting opposite to cross
and they keep on with that passing
there in a fold

“music makes [something] worth living”
Stravinsky recollecting a tune
's better than any memory
anyway, that

no they were very polite
like nothing'll stop
to process rain or the rain will
catching up to Cummings
as if, that is
her politics like Schubert on a what's today
January 19th, really that
it's enough or not to sign
have the other three
(as in Winter Light, the hand run through
on the cross) fingers
or two, cut off,
by, like, kids, or?

an image, anyway
how too one genuflects by accident
circumstance, if – and the question – anyone's looking
also an image
a broke knee

pastor squeaking the wood floor of his office
a sound like gas and then the cold
season Linda honks, soft skinned
diplomat thinking things up
to derisively call romantic

people walking around plants draw a gulp
down past point of acceptance being
as Rushdie's said of money, meaningful

fine. good riddance your better, do not die
they say, a few ways to feel eyes move one
shut on with a palm, covered, some hysteric other

one man rubs his eyes. there are no
garden hours.

horny without or with them, somehow
in california if you want to you
can have a better mom
alternate, and can be for some the better

with all the women. I
hate that I not celebrate the delay. or
stay it late during. if
you can imagine coming in a cup
for posterity, whatever's constellatory
but so contained, reasoned, alike.

I remember that when gone
wrangling she compared him coming
with schools what burn down wit, corrupt none
ritarding the sense of that slowed. to
leave knowledge upset, when
to the plants the man as if somewhere exciting
made walking motionless. created
stillness there without mimicry.

that I not celebrate or remember the fairest search
what made the afternoon breathe, a femme clerk hesitate
taken as that man

in, hate when gone that I not
celebrate when I remember one
or if when I stay but corrupt the late sense

suffering but not die like, yet, behind the worthiest person
feel, not attending as plants, late
to afternoon or when that clerk says
by midnight of some date

a chafed cat in a pool, lightening
its measured strain, all event of floating
what's as no side to the moon more waned act, or
mild shapening of circles like the pool

without evening that's from that neck skin
surfaces as days they're during, the chlorine
's parboiling anything, any ripe dish that's
some balmy mistress' in an Hour Detroit still

on one side, fatness blessed quiet
as someone else's, as earlier, better comprehending
scum on her breast'd grown
and appears in the city like it

freezing earlier
but a late, loose, not often looked at
anyway trusted arcadia let alone

thought I could live there
at least poor enough to think it is
maybe not words keeping me though
like an enemy I think stick
a fork in me because I am
deserving of some trusted thing like that


sandrasimonds said...

OMG this is fantastic. I especially adore how it begins.

Maurice Burford said...

This is amazing.