Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To The Prom

Today I am going to the prom. The prom is in a meat
Cellar in the prom.
I promise to prom
Properly. I have been going to the prom my

Whole life because I am fluffy. I owe you a candy bar
Because I have been going to the prom

Since I have been elderly. Today I am going Target to go to get the
Hair pins and fluffy towels and rag dolls so that I can be

Prepared to prom
You because my body is a meat cellar on
Principle. 1. Because I have ethics etc.
2. Because I am not wimpy like the Dalai Lama etc.
3. Because I am primp etc.

No wait: I am morally compromised because
I have been bleaching my car and also I have been calling
You to ask you out on a date

To the prom with me so please ask my arms and legs
And bleached truck.

I want to go to the prom with me call me.
Do you want to prom? The prom will
Be held at the Santa Monica Airport
In an airplane hangar or something like that.

The sun is like Morocco.
It is sheer tenacity.
This is what it’s like to be at the prom: you taste like Moroccan mint.

I have been chasing down Babyshambles for 6 months now.
There have been difficulties.
I think he has knowledge of my bleached truck.
I think he is going to rip it away from the sun like
This is a horizon or something.


Benjamin Bourlier said...

my first prom note was not unlike this

sandrasimonds said...

My prom *really was* at the Santa Monica airport. But, unlike you, I only went to prom once.

Benjamin Bourlier said...

That's fantastic. Also that you at least know where your prom was. There are rooms or maybe even a gym somewhere where a prom or two (how many?)happened around me. Geography is just whatever I'm looking at.