Friday, February 18, 2011


dress so crucial as to be executive
it's a pool
where you're at's hopped in or float there, an
after function

like a gallerist does afternoons
the walk not wide
the gait is leered at but can leer on back

I like him
he doesn't complete me without being inadequate at
what posture that is, a held nape cut down

it's hard to talk male genitals with some mystery
the body to it's beaten or taken a sort of stance but

this warm, I feel enough a woman to step out with gals
big boots on, nobody gonna tell me it's wrong
omnilibidinal crutch quiverings of an eros hurt but pulled through
or at spending good three protracted days spent after that plus days of sex, glad

but truly it's a mad post that does so good and accepts such shit cases
like tenure t notes
prom seats
which're where you get
the most

overlooking san francisco bay
we accuse you
what buoy lost
wet ruffled up silk waves
still yes you undergo still
skirt to the sagged rack jacclam bush
for kids later to ruin, either, in tugging

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