Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lyric Poem Written on iPhone Stopped in a Tunnel Between Two Stations of a Metro

The modern world is killing me:      My ringtone couldn’t be more Delphic.

Don’t want to go to Delhi       & see a man hit a mad cow mad

With a trashland stick,     or watch the prions devour this megalopolis.

I don’t want to go to Beijing      & listen to the Hello Kitty machines

Zombie chomp on hypothalamus      and mouth and foot

and mouth disease        so please be body scan,

be Brillo-pad, be vintage      adding machine, be not rigmarole— be star.

I don’t want to go to Greenland    because all the morgues there have thawed.

I don’t want to stay here either.   I don’t think we can get along.

The modern world is killing me.     How can this be more clear?

I don’t want to do anything        except get a pat down, disappear.

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