Thursday, February 17, 2011



not a safe set-up in any sense
of the word safe
or up
         nausea come to the machine
         car in this season, set

it is pretty warm right now
I can hear water from inside the house
that's running on the street
forced to concede it was
that much

like to not stage gestalts
if your lover's a blind eternal person visible on a corner
bothering to wear you out

dogs don't do things for uniform amounts of time
like for forty five minutes in a club call us retinue
so City Lights would be impossible in winter

my eyes writers lapping velodrome trials
and other fears miscanned beans diminish
ment contrariety that's kalas and chronos and cetylpyridinium chloride
a fender beam and life ladder in one which serves as a life ladder
mounted on a wall surface of a quay or the like and extending

I have known deciduousity in pulling coat sleeve buttons
from being tangled against your part in a closet, hanging down
I'd get started rather than a crawlspace there for it

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